Saturday, April 7, 2012

Curb your enthusiam

I had some errands to run on University today. There is really nothing finer than spending a rainy day in Axman, where everyone was singing along to the chorus of "Walk Like and Egyptian" as it blasted over the radio. 80s music seems to go perfectly with this place, perhaps because Axman kind of looks like my parents' basement (a mix of my childhood stuff and random electrical parts). I cleaned up with some more masking tape (spring colors!), a lovely glass jar, and seven pieces of assorted brass hardware for jewelry making purposes. But there is one thing more exciting than this bargain haul...

Curbs! Curbs went in this week.

These are at Hamline - you can see the station popping up there, too.

But wait, it's too early, right? Let's take little trip back in time to our first curbs last season...this one's near Emerald on June 7, 2011.

Hmm. Two months earlier? I like where this is going!

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  1. Curbs were also installed on the east half of the Oak & Washington intersection last week. Construction on Washington near the U is really starting to pick up.