Monday, June 11, 2012

Give me a sign

Forget a case of the Mondays - I've had a pretty crummy week. So by the time I got home today, I needed more than a lift. I needed a sign.

I got two.

The great thing about this project is that these major, mind-blowing things happen on the days I least expect them. As a side note, the "St." Paul looks awfully casual. Who let the Minneapolitans order the signage? Is that how they think we spell it?

I'm also warming up to the army green that they recently painted our station. I had kind of hoped all the stations were going to be a more neutral color (even the same color, boring and practical as it is), but this green and copper duo is already starting to blend in a little for me.


  1. Love the Web site. I've been watching construction at the Capitol end of University this summer with great interest.

    I spent a couple of days in Toronto last month, and rode a lot of street cars. I was impressed by how they function without the elaborate station infrastructure that U.S. light rail needs. Most stops are just marked with a sign. You wait at the corner for the street car, and board when it stops. Cars are forbidden from passing a stopped street car on the right, and almost never do.

    I suppose that's the advantage of having a heritage system. And law-abiding motorists.

    1. Yeah - it is really amazing how well they function in the middle of the street. I definitely hesitated about stepping off the curb to board the train, fully expecting to get run over by cars in the right lane every time.

      What I don't envy is Toronto's fare system. The whole paper ticket and lack of bidirectional transfer thing is really a pain!