Monday, May 14, 2012

Have you ever

Today, as I threw on some powder and lip gloss between stops, I started to think of all the strange and wonderful things I've done while riding around the cities.

I have definitely
  • applied eye makeup (danger)
  • done homework/crammed for presentations
  • carried awkwardly large items that require sitting in the front
  • ridden a bus to try to catch up to another bus (gambling with 16/50, 74/54, 94/21/53, etc. Nextrip makes gambling less fun but more rewarding)
  • queued in a line with express bus people, for the cultural experience
  • given advice to a stranger
  • ridden with a bunch of friends in the back of the bus, or what I call "the couch"
  • ordered and ferried take out
  • ran for the bus in heels (often)
  • slept
  • yelled at someone for disrupting my sleep (zero regret)
  • sat alone on a bus while the driver got off and left it running...twice
  • feigned illness to move away from a creeper
  • held a baby while someone paid their fare (I offered to hold their fare, but I got the baby instead)
  • rejected an offer to let someone read over my shoulder
  • given tours
  • been evacuated from a bus twice (once because of a breakdown, once because we were being used as a getaway car) 
  • talked to my councilmember 
  • made change
  • carried ice skates (most comments ever on one bus ride)
  • drawn maps on napkins, bus schedules, receipts, and paper transfers
  • caught up with old friends/classmates who happen to be on my route
  • avoided old classmates/coworkers who happen to be on my route (don't judge, you've done it)

That is just the tip of the iceberg... What have you multitasked on your ride?

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