Monday, April 2, 2012

Best and Worst of the Week

Most years you remember what happened when because you were freezing cold, or you were trudging through snow, or you were wearing flip flops for the first time even though it was not actually warm enough. This year, I have no idea what happened when or if time is moving at all. But I like it! I knew climate change would turn Minnesota into Malibu if I waited long enough.

And so I have a week of random photos, and have lost all sense of time. Were these all this week? I think so!

Worst. Huge parking. Can you guess what this shop sells? No, because you are only going there for the HUGE PARKING LOT. Btw, they are not under construction.

Best. Wall-E saves the planet. Something about seeing this little robot on the construction scene makes me believe we will be able to grow little green plants here again someday. (He actually is a robot with a remote control, but I have no idea what he does on the job.)

Worst. On-street parking on the 4th Street tracks. I would like to quote the wise Seth Meyers who once said...Really?! Really. Really. Oh yeah, well, we got your plates, twerp.

Best. Skyway signage. Did DSI put up this sign outside their office as a joke? Because it is freaking hilarious. No stopping! LOITERING BAD. Moving good. No sitting! NO EATING. Keep moving! Hallway/skyway! CITY ORDINANCE. This will never get old.

Worst. Granite pavers. These are too heavy to take with me on the 16, and yet they are sitting right here at my bus stop. Please stop teasing me.

Best. Spring has sprung. The first green buds on the trees on south side of the street (planted last fall) have started to pop.

Worst. Construction is insane. See also, "Best. Construction is hustling down the Avenue." Witness.

Best. Unintentional street art. Somebody please irrigate this already.


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  3. Thank you both for reading! It is an exciting little project to watch everyday :)

  4. I liked your post and I'm a real human! I think those first two are robot spammers.... that sign is hilarious, was it an April Fools sign?

    1. Ha ha. Good point, Tom. Well, I guess I welcome robots and humans alike.

      That sign is still up in the it not a joke?

  5. I think the little Wall-E looking guy is like a dirt-packing thing. I usually see them use it when they're grading a site for final paving.