Monday, October 24, 2011

Its former glory

Who wants a personal tour of the Union Depot construction? You do!

The headhouse - coming right along. I am still digging the yellow. As Heidi Klum says on Project Runway: "Loooooks expensive!"

Space between the headhouse and the concourse - "To Trains." That wall with the mural is coming down at some point.

Beautiful tiled ceilings.

Insert clock here.

Ah, the concourse. Approximately one million tedious restoration tasks to go...this makes me feel more hopeful about my petty home improvement projects! Maybe they aren't so daunting.

Looking back and up towards the 2nd floor - that blank arch will be knocked out and replaced with windows to the room above. Primo upstairs restaurant space, anyone?

Looking out the side door - the last remaining original staircase.

The train deck restoration, which seems to stretch to about the St. Croix River (give or take a few feet). Lowertown on the left.

The new building addition at the northern end of the deck.

Frieze about transportation in St. Paul. I think they could add a little LRV somewhere, right?

Testing the paint colors - more yellow to come!

Much thanks to Josh, our stellar tour guide :)

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