Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up

Being away has made me feel like I have missed a lot of construction goodies - vacation MDT I suppose. So here's the update.

Somebody has been busy paving - all the way up to Victoria in the last week.

New trees are being installed in front of Gordon Parks High School.

Lexington Eastbound station infrastructure went up in a hurry.

A bunch of rail was moved down towards Marion - perhaps so they can finish up that section where it was being stored at Pascal? Just a guess.

Cedar Street got rail...whaaat? Cedar is such a darkhorse in the completeness competition - I've been busy ignoring it for months! My bus detour helps a lot. [Much thanks to Jess, my Lead Downtown Spy, for snapping this photo!]

And just when I thought my home bus stop was lacking in construction excitement, I got some new neighbors. Hey there, hay. You look delicious.


  1. Now they're doing some strange grinding thing to the crosswalks at University and Raymond.

    1. They seem to be grinding it down to add the white tape across the crosswalk. I think it looks kind of shoddy! I will get some photos from Berry Street tomorrow...