Thursday, November 17, 2011

Signage overhaul, please

I stopped by Axman tonight to search for some holiday craft supplies. And I suddenly realized that LRT construction could be much improved by paying the Axman staff to take charge of all traffic and pedestrian signage. These people really excel at telling you exactly what you need to know about any situation.

In case you've never been to Axman (although it blows my mind that people haven't found the time in the last 50 years to visit), this store is a purveyor of everything you may or may not ever need. As they say on their website FAQ:

Q: Do you have one of these?
A: Yes, probably. I think so...You should come in and look around to see for sure. Despite our vast collection of oddities and merchandise, the law of probability tells us that we probably don't have exactly what you're looking for, but we probably have something close, maybe even better than you'd imagined!

Couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, this is pretty much the conversation I have with the staff every time I go in there. For whatever reason, I seem to need oddities often. Tonight I was on a hunt for small jar-like things (must have lids), pricing stickers for our holiday craft sale, and badge lanyards that I could rearrange into more interesting badge lanyards. What I wasn't looking for - but desperately needed upon discovery - was masking tape in every color. 75 cents a roll? Get out. I love a deal.

But the best part about Axman is the signs. You should really go there periodically just to walk around and catch up on all the signs.

The rewarding part about this one is that the bucket was too high on the shelf for me to see in. So I read the whole sign before looking.

This is a classic. See how they explain to me exactly how to use a tiny bike chain? Clarity from confusion. We need this in the construction zone.

Love the handwriting on this one. Must have more traffic signage in cursive.

A huge cop-out. So lazy it made me giggle.

Clearly there is way too much talent being hoarded by this one establishment. At the very least, they could come outside and cover everything in reflective tape and thousands of red bicycle blinky lights. Night work is not nearly blinky enough.

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