Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sky miles

Back in April or so, when we were ditching our jackets and soaking in fresh spring air, the old Bremer Bank building was demolished along with the skyway connection inside it. Making room for an LRT station on the footprint, crews constructed an "interim" skyway above. That hamster tube...er...skyway opened today - right on schedule I might add. Official par-tay and use of giant scissors on ceremonial ribbon to follow tomorrow.

Very airport chic, no? Perhaps I will start referring to this as Terminal 3.

Also, a quick pet peeve of the day: my bus driver insists on picking up and reading a section of the newspaper at every red light. The obituaries! Nothing like driving around 40 people without seat belts while reading about death. No, that's not troubling at all. Dear Strib, please write an article on distracted driving.

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Location:High above 5th Street


  1. Don't those things usually have a bit more glass? Too bad the infamous 'skyway for sale' isn't still, um, for sale.


  2. Why do the drivers do that? The guys driving the 8 in the evening are always reading at lights. I mean, I know it's a boring route, but really.

  3. @sota767 - No sympathy. That 8 has got to be the easiest route assignment ever. Ok, a little boring, but boring is better than crazy, right?