Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ding! Round 2.

I used to have an Irish dancing t-shirt (oh yes) that said, "Luck is real, and the harder you work, the more luck you have." I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply to building giant construction projects. No. This is what they call "dumb luck."

I mean, if you absolutely had to be working in construction - in November - in Minnesota, this is about the best weather you could ever have. So after a fairly pathetic effort on the part of precipitation, Round 2 of this not-so-epic battle between Mother Nature and Construction goes to Walsh Construction. You got lucky, guys.

And while things on the west end have gotten blissfully sleepy as of late, today I was happy to see some new walls being installed on the back of the station platforms at Westgate.

The weather is so good, we've moved on to decorating!

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