Monday, November 21, 2011

Outta here

The final days of the construction season have seemed to have turned into a free for all - orange barrels everywhere. I kicked one in the Spruce intersection and I tromped through, disgusted about the combination of the slushy sidewalks and the lame Snelling/University bus transfer (hint: it's not at Snelling or University). So I'm out. Time for me to take my pumpkin bread and head south for the holiday. Hope it's done when I get back!

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[Note: this post was temporarily lost in the blogspot ether when my app crashed last week. Sorry it took a week to get from drafting to publishing!]

Location:Snelling & University

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  1. I've been slowly scooting some of the cones and fencing out of the way in the crosswalks at Raymond too. I'm sure once the snowplows start running all this stuff will end up in a huge snow pile in the middle of the street anyway.