Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The sweetest thing

Happy first day of school, all.

Labor Day wraps up a lot of things in Minnesota - summer vacations, fried candy bars, white pants (which no one can fit into post-Fair anyway), and my birthday weekend.

There are pros and cons to having your birthday at the beginning of September. I almost always get a three day weekend and lovely weather. On the other hand, I always equated going back to school with my birthday. I started kindergarten on my birthday, and college orientation, too. Nothing like spending time with...wait, who are all these strangers? Yikes.

By far, the best part of any birthday is hanging out with friends (some of those former strangers, come to think of it). And my friends make cakes. Ridiculously awesome and delicious cakes. This year they surprised me with a construction themed cake. Of course. Nailed it, guys. Extra props for using black licorice as track - I am a huge fan.

Sidenote: You may be asking why my Wonka-fied LRT cake is in a pan shaped like lips. The lip pan is a tradition that would require a whole 'nother post...er, make that a whole 'nother blog. We've got like 8 years of these crazy cakes to document!

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