Friday, September 16, 2011

Depot madness

Yesterday, I went on a walk to soak in the sheer construction madness down at the depot. Hard hats, cranes, and lunch coolers everywhere. Things are changing so fast down there - something new to see everyday. It turns out, the public can walk through a good portion of the interior of the Depot - we used the Wacouta entrance to take a peak at the interior work.

The big news this week was the restoration of the historic paint color in the headhouse. Yellow! (Cue the Coldplay song.) While it's not what I would pick for my kitchen walls, it's got that great saturated color that you see in train stations like Grand Central. Also not sure it's perfect with the pink marble, but I'll wait til it's scaffold-free and well-lit to pass judgment.

New carriageway going up, looking west from Wacouta.

View out the front window of the station.

Sibley at 4th Street, looking south.

And LRT structural steel up on the platforms out front. Already?! Woo!

Speaking of great American train stations, I watched a whole show this week about the new transit station at Ground Zero. A crazy feat of engineering. New York Times has an awesome interactive feature with all the layers of the master plan. All of the sudden Central Corridor looks like a really simple little project...

Location:Union Depot

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