Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rail Pull!

The whole rail pulling thing has been a little anti-climactic. The date was sketchy, and delayed a few times. And then today, I was standing at the bus stop on Minnesota Street downtown and saw a Railworks vehicle go by. I where is that guy headed? Luckily, my bus followed him all the way to Hamline, where he veered off into the construction zone. A rail-pulling vehicle on University? Next to a big pile of rail? Sherlock has pieced this one together!

Around 8 pm, I got some confirmation that this deal was in fact happening tonight. I threw on a hoodie and scarf and starting driving towards Snelling (did I mention it's like 40 degrees out? Yeah, thanks for nothing, September). I found the crews coming up on Fairview, so I hopped out at Wendy's and took some video.

I've was told that it was going to be pretty dull watching rail being dragged from the welding shop to its actual location. It'll be dark. It'll be slow. You know what? That was a big fat lie. I couldn't have been more excited watching that first piece of rail inch its way past me. It was like a parade, except I was the only weirdo out there. I was probably smiling a little too much.

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