Monday, November 12, 2012

What's old is new again

As I walked back from lunch today, I thought about how much this area has changed since we moved here six years ago. The falafel is awesome, but I still miss Jay's Cafe sometimes (that was two restaurants ago).

Still, everywhere I look, it's hard not to get excited that what is old is new again.

I passed two vintage stores, a (new?) mid-century modern furniture place, and an old-timey neighborhood hardware shop. I stopped in to wander through four floors of a second-hand office furniture retailer (like Ikea without the ice cream cones).

Across the street, the restoration of the new/old Chittenden & Eastman building is in full swing, with snow scattered on the new/old granite pavers.

Just east of here, they've been busy putting up catenary wires for a few weeks now.

There's something right about bringing the old overhead wire back to the Avenue - and tracks and trains - so nice to be back to the future, isn't it? And speaking of which, it's time to mark your calendars.

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Location:Ellis Ave,St Paul,United States

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