Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome, 201

As I rushed out the door today, I grabbed my LRT lapel pin and stuck it onto my coat.

It's a special occasion that requires train bling. Today, the first Central Corridor light rail vehicle glided into Target Field station. It is vehicle number 201, and it's the first of a lighter, smarter - and dare I say - cuter fleet.

Here is 201 next to a newly painted Hiawatha "Blue Line" train, both sporting the new Metro logo. Would we call that 2012 Metro livery? I guess we might.

After a few short speeches from the big kahunas (did I mention it was freezing out there?) we all got to board the train and check out  the new digs. Good news, the heat works. The seats work, too.

Giddy with excitement.

I realize now that I could have taken better photos of the interior, but when you're excited, it's hard to remember what you're supposed to do. I think I actually gave someone a high five at one point.

A route map! How many times have I sat on Hiawatha and imagined looking up at this image? Many.

A future system map, for show I suppose. There was also one placed on the LRT platform - nice touch, Metro Transit!

Poster on board showing a shrink wrapped train being delivered to the Hiawatha OMF. Wait, you're telling me that this thing passed right over University Avenue in broad daylight and no one told me? My day job is clearly getting in the way of trainspotting.


  1. The new car seemed more open and spacious. Bigger windows, more headroom, more legroom. But I will miss peering into the driver's cab and watching them drive the train.

  2. Andrew, thank for video on the new green line, that you video'd me at the door way in my wheelchair.