Friday, March 2, 2012

Total clarity

Some of us thought that the bus stop closures would cease in our neighborhood after heavy construction, but we were wrong. Now that Prospect Park construction has started, the traffic transitions (read: closures) are set up all the way to Berry Street. I suppose that's what I get for living in border country.

But what I love most about our liminal existence is the extreme clarity that Metro Transit provides so that we can find our bus stops everyday.

Posted at Berry Street: "The 8 bus either does or does not stop here. Hard to say. If it doesn't, it might stop down at Eustis. But don't worry, if you happen to miss it, it be back in only 30 minutes. Thank you for playing our game."

 Creepy Minnesota Opera lady looks annoyed...

Posted at Eustis: "Silly rider, I can't believe you fell for that! You should probably start waiving frantically at the approaching 8 bus, making your most pathetic face in hopes that some newbie driver will pity you. Thanks for playing our game."

Other things of note this morning: I see that the Hamline EB bus stop is up and functioning, and that Walsh has really outdone themselves this time. They've added luxurious grocery cart parking spaces on the temporary platforms. Who says this project isn't adding on-street parking? And does this gentleman know he is taking up a whole parking space? Sheesh.


  1. That must be really annoying for both of the people who ride the 8.

    1. Oh snap. That couldn't be more true. If I like the 8, does that mean I secretly support PRT? Say it ain't so.