Monday, March 19, 2012


Um, have you been to Oak Street lately? Because I hadn't. I had been holed up in my house all winter waiting for those days when walking outdoors is a pleasure instead of a chore. Luckily I had a good excuse to get over there last week (picking up an ice cream cake from DQ - yum). This is great ice cream weather.

There's this crazy ped mall with light rail...whaaat?

Not to mention a mammoth chunk of housing where Harvard market used to be. RIP Harvard Market. Ha! Just kidding.

Prospect Park is looking a little rough...

But there is a cozy spot to watch in Cupcake.

[Step right up to sneak a peak at the greatest show on earth, snag a front row seat for the AMAZING CENTRAL CORRIDOR LIGHT RAIL construction! Coming soon!]

That's the spirit. Did I mention I've been to Cupcake three times in two weeks? It has something to do with their new Thursday/Friday/Saturday night supper club. And cupcakes.

Also, I'm giving out a gold star to the first person who can explain this colored sidewalk in front of KSTP. I stare and stare but I can't figure it out. It is right on the city border.

Are they finally putting in a checkpoint? I knew it would come to this.

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  1. Hah! I've been wondering if they were going to do something at the city border. It's still not clear what might be going in there, though...

    I'm amused by your talk of a checkpoint -- back in the streetcar era, there was a long period where passengers had to get off at Emerald Street and pay the fare again as they passed from one city to the other. I'm not sure when that ended (probably only a decade or two before streetcars went away).