Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's see what you're made of: Part 3

University Avenue is a rough place for leafy green things. Heat, salt, concrete. Luckily, we have a secret weapon.

Structural soil. It's a mix of clay, gravel, some sort of high-tech hydrogel - basically, it's solid gold (and priced accordingly). It'll allow tree roots to grow and avoid being compacted under concrete. And it allows us to get a continuous tree trench and pervious pavers to catch water instead of individual tree grates that need irrigation.

[Also, don't be alarmed...the Catholic Charities building is still upright. I am just a little tired this morning.]

And speaking of solid gold, Hamline was paved last week in what I think constitutes record time. First concrete of the season for University Avenue.

I am hoping we see some curbs on the south side by the end of the week. Btw, March, this weather is quite helpful for building rail systems. Keep it up.

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  1. I haven't used Hamline in forever until today, so I didn't even know about this record time paving you speak of, but am happy it occurred nonetheless so I could swiftly make my way to Groundswell Coffeehouse this morning :)


  2. The first curb is in east of Syndicate, at least I think one was drying under that tarp.

    1. Ooh, excellent! I will have to get some photos on my way home today.