Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The night crews think I'm crazy

Tonight is a big night. Crews are out there putting the final layer of asphalt and striping down to make the next big traffic switch - putting cars back on both sides of University. Very exciting. And kind of smelly, actually. Not pleasant stuff, that hot asphalt...

Ah, the stink of progress.

Things that occurred to me as I walked the dog along University Avenue tonight:

1. Today, this project has officially shifted in my mind from being totally overwhelming to totally doable (ha - you can tell I'm at home and not at work).

2. Time to reopen my Emerald bus stop, Metro Transit. No more excuses AND I want the 8 bus back. I needs me my buses back.

3. I really need to dig some mittens out of storage. Like, yesterday.

4. The night crews think I'm crazy. Meh, what's new?

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  1. Do you think they will finish everything by Nov 30th?

    I can see the roads getting paved both directions by then, but installing the tracks will probably have to wait for next year to be done between Emerald and Hamline.

  2. Good question. I agree about the road paving - I heard they are now finished with all the underground work in the Snelling to Hamline section, so it seems doable.

    I think the goal is to install track through about Cleveland. They've had some trouble with that railroad bridge section by Menards - they just switched to starting the north side this week (yikes). The big question of course is the weather - snow could make things pretty interesting in the last 30 days of work...

  3. That's true, the section under the railroad bridge near Menards will probably not be finished in 2011. At least there aren't any businesses that really need access to the sidewalk on that stretch of University.

    On a side note, do you know if any construction will continue during the winter? Perhaps at the west bank, U of M, or capital/downtown St. Paul sites?

  4. I'm not sure about those other areas. I know on University Ave there's going to be a little work on the station finishing and a bit of electrical ("systems"). Brrr.