Monday, April 11, 2011

Searching for TOD

Like many, I'm looking for TOD in the Central Corridor. A Transit-Oriented Dentist.

I chose my dentist based solely on location - Snelling and University, the transit epicenter of my little world. Anywhere in St. Paul that is served by 5 bus routes is a veritable hotbed of access. It's unheard of. I can quickly get there from home or from work, by local, limited stop, or even express bus service. I never have to look at a bus schedule.

So you can imagine my horror when I got the letter: We're Moving. To a newer and shinier building and all that. More modern, more accessible, blah, blah, blah. More parking! Great. Just what I need is more parking.

They're moving to a freeway frontage road with no sidewalk. Oh, but the letter tells me, we are only one block from the 16 bus! This is true, but that one block is 1200 feet long and comprised almost entirely of sad, poorly-configured parking lots.

Seriously? I mean, I have more than once taken the bus to the grocery store (in that same sad, empty block) and walked through Pavement Land, kicking away the trash tumbleweeds to obtain of a few necessary pantry items. But you have to think - surely these people have never ridden the bus, or they would be a little more embarrassed to tout transit access at the new location. I was thoroughly annoyed.

I went in to my appointment today ready to dump them, and of course, I chickened out. I was already late to a meeting, and I decided it's much easier to break up via phone. There was lots of chatter about the LRT construction and the nice weather. They poked around at my teeth. They took some x-rays. And then my dentist said something that made me kind of speechless.

"See you in six months - drive safely!"

This is definitely not TOD. Can anyone recommend a good dentist?


  1. Really enjoying your posts! I am in the market for a new TOD myself... I'll let you know if I have any luck.

  2. I like my dentist, but he's out by Hamline Ave and 36 - probably not a transit oriented dentist. Keep up the good work on the blog :) - DBR