Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Magical mystery traffic capacity tour

I have to say, when I started to understand the construction phasing schedule, I got really anxious about how long my bus commute would get. The 50 doesn't do detours - it just sits in traffic.

And the first week or so of traffic being switched over was rough. Drivers were delayed and aggravated, and were taking it out on the neighborhood by slamming on the gas as soon as they could turn onto a side street. Prior west was a parking lot. The honking was ridiculous, like when I used to commute on the Crosstown (62 is devoid of any semblance of Minnesota Nice). The craziness was in full force.

But a strange thing has happened as people start settling into the dance of construction. Traffic started moving again. There's still a lot of it, but cars clip along at a pretty steady pace. Buses are running on time. Pedestrians aren't being mowed down at stop lights. It's like people have (gasp) accepted construction?! Is that possible?

Whatever magical capacity tour we're on, I'm really really enjoying getting home on time.

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