Friday, August 12, 2011

OMFG and more

If you haven't been downtown lately, you might be a bit shocked to see tracks and train stations and such lying around all over the place. Here is a sneak peak from my lunch walk.

4th St looking west near Sibley - driving lane on right, guideway on the left!

And looking east at Sibley at the future platform area, tracks leading past the farmers market, the shell of the old Gillette building (being "reused" as an Operations and Maintenance Facility, or as we call it, the OMF. Or as I call it, the OMFG)

The front of the Union Depot, minus some front parts...

The new train deck for all our lovely regional and high speed lines.

And the in progress interior restoration, making our dormant train station into a (gasp) functional train station!

All this progress is exhausting! I need a nap.

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