Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All of the above

Time for some construction equipment trivia:

This gargantuan thingy is used for what important task?

a. Digging a hole to China (obviously located below Curfew Street)

b. Getting the last scrape of peanut butter out of the jar

c. Extracting dinosaur bones from a Mesozoic layer of University Avenue (Did dinos have parking problems too? And what can we learn from their grumpy bones?)

d. Making the road bed vibrate purely to irritate the U of M

e. It has no function - it's just there to make the whole scene look more "constructiony"

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  1. D. It's obviously D.

  2. Also, I love that this blog doesn't represent the views of your husband. That's important.

  3. There's oil in them there roads!

  4. Sure looks like a pile driver … to irritate the U?

  5. I personally like choice a.