Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let them eat cake

After a crummy spring filled with rain and tornadoes, we kind of needed a ray of hope. And then right on cue this morning, @cupcakempls tweeted: "The cupcake of June is Strawberry Lemonade; a buttery lemon cake filled with fresh cut strawberries and topped with zesty lemon cream cheese frosting."

As my friends know, I have an affinity for lemon cupcakes, which, from time to time are in the normal rotation at Cupcake. On a good day you can snag one of their citrusy creations - lemon meringue, lemon sunshine, luscious lemon, lemon blueberry, lemon raspberry white chocolate, or vegan lemon (this one not so much - trust me). Shockingly, there are still days where i visit only to find a huge lemony void in the display case. But a cupcake in the coveted monthly spot? 30 straight days of lemon? I like my odds.

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