Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Headline FAIL

A couple weeks ago City Pages made the announcement that Cupcake was closing. Except, they're not closing.

As you know by now, I'm a neighbor and a fan, so I was upset. I've recently fallen for their black bean burger, and I was not so keen to give that up (along with all the lemony-type cupcakes I buy there). When I read the CP blog post the first time, it definitely said they were closing. But by afternoon, they'd changed the headline to "Cupcake is moving!" Except they're not moving. They're adding a "moving" cupcake truck. Get it? Yeah, neither did anybody else.

As the CP post says, "Last month we told you about the Central Corridor light rail construction's negative and dramatic effect on Chocolat Celeste's customer ​traffic. [Transiteer's note: Chocolate Celeste moved off the avenue like a year before construction. Just saying.] Well, the construction project has another local favorite shop to adapt. Cupcake, the University Avenue bakery, is the latest business that's moving to combat the disruption. But cupcake fans shouldn't panic. Rather than closing, Cupcake is bringing the sweets to you, literally."

I think this was lost on a lot of people who read just the headline, saw the early version of the post, or saw CP's @hotdishblog tweet: "Cupcake is closing store--waah!--and becoming a food truck--hooray!!" The damage was done.

Then I saw another confused customer on their facebook page had posted, "So what's going on at Cupcake's store on University? City Pages said you were closing and becoming a food truck only, then they changed the story to say you were 'moving.'" They explained the fail by saying that CP made a mistake and that they are NOT moving. Oh, and that they're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the light rail (me too, Cupcake). The food truck is an addition to the operation.

Thank goodness. Spread the word.

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