Friday, March 18, 2011

Ghost town

For the first day of all traffic being shifted to the north side of University, the commute home was strangely normal. There were about six construction guys trying to make the new temporary traffic signal at Raymond do something other than a left green arrow, but no one seemed particularly bothered. Here's a look eastbound during our St. Paul style "rush hour."

And a look at the south side of the street, which has been barricaded and prepared for demolition of the road bed. Oh, and outfitted with a super classy blue port-a-potty (yay for street furniture!)

Emerald Street was also officially closed off today (just found out it's going be closed til the south side is finished). It was good entertainment on the walk home watching cars trying to turn south onto Emerald and then having to back up in traffic through the orange barrels. Silly people.

And obviously, a closed street can only mean one thing: skateboarding. Yeah, you're welcome guys.

Update: the mysterious Melt Monster has yet to be used. I am now wondering if I have vastly underestimated his abilities, and Mr. Monster is actually there to gobble up the concrete. Sorry for the mistake, Concrete Cruncher. I'm sure you could melt snow too if you tried.

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