Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Night of the Whiny Bus Driver

Let's review the rules for talking on the bus.

It is acceptable to occasionally nod, or make small talk about how the bus is running late, how construction is a hassle, or how the snow has really gnarled the traffic. This is how bus riders bond, and conversation sometimes helps to distract everyone from how long it is actually going to take to get home.

It is not acceptable for the bus driver to complain, unsolicited and into the microphone, about how the bus is running late because of construction. I assure you, Bus Driver, that we are infinitely more annoyed about this situation.

Some of her choice comments included:

"Just wait, you will see why I was so late getting downtown..."

"Traffic's worse on the other side - you guys are sooo lucky!"

"It's going to be like this all summer long - they're putting in that light rail." (Increase tone of disdain/fear when saying light rail, as if it is a rare tropical disease.)

"If you want, we can stop anywhere, since we're just STOPPED, it doesn't really matter" (Extra stops are a BIG no-no on a limited stop bus. You're asking for a mutiny.)

Gosh, look at all that traffic.

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