Monday, February 28, 2011

Construction Eve

Believe it or not, tomorrow is March 1st, the first official day of Civil East construction for Central Corridor.

I've been having some low level anxiety the past couple weeks. Most people are cruising down University Avenue blissfully ignorant to the intensity of the upcoming construction - me, not so much. It's like looking out your office window at a blizzard and dreading the 2-hour commute home. Except my snowstorm is going start this week and last through Thanksgiving.

The good news: I heard today that the all-out craziness (lane shifting, temporary bus stops, one-lane of traffic in each direction) probably won't start til next Monday. I also found out my bus stop will stay open through construction, which just makes life easier.

The bad news: I left my favorite scarf on one bus today, and fell getting off another bus on my way home. Lots of mud on me, but at least I'm in one piece. Hope my bus karma isn't running out just when I need it most.

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