Saturday, September 14, 2013

Market watch

This is a really great time of year for farmers' market shopping. We buy vegetables until our arms hurt from carrying them, or until we run out of cash. We eat still-hot kettle corn. We sample apples with exotic names and have conversations with farmers about "eating apples" and "baking apples" (as if). The flowers are out of control. Even the sub-par Minnesota corn is killing it lately (hey, I'm from Iowa). Today, out of pure curiosity, we bought some ground cherries. Is it a tomato? A gooseberry? What the heck is this thing? It freaks me out a little. I don't know whether to make salsa or put it in a pie (as if).

Shockingly, the ground cherries were not the most surprising thing we ran into at the market.

Apparently somebody (awesome) decided that 11 am on a Saturday was a good time to push a train from Union Depot, through a mass of humanity and vegetables, into the OMF. I don't know who was squealing more, me or the hundred little kids that witnessed this.

Just think, when I come to the market next summer, it'll be on LRT!

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  1. I think I need to say this again - I just love how they've integrated the OMF into the DT St. Paul fabric. Rather than stashing it in some seedy industrial area, they put it right in the middle of everything - and it works!