Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When the contractor said they'd restart construction "no sooner than March 1," I think what they meant was "the last few days of February don't really count anyway." That's ok, I suppose, especially since tomorrow is Leap Day, which barely counts on anyone's calendar. It's kinda sorta close enough. If I squint at the bottom of my calendar, it looks downright Marchish.

This morning construction was back in swing. I could tell because there were two large utility trucks in the White Castle parking lot (don't worry, White Castle is probably going to make it through construction ok.)

Medians are being peeled away.

Temporary bus stops are popping up (this one's at Lexington).

And cars are starting to do ridiculous things, like driving up next to large machinery in order to avoid having to go another block to turn left.

Belinda tells me to expect snow, wintery mix, and up to an inch of rain today. It's not really fair that I have to lug snow boots and carry an umbrella, but we'll take it over a foot of snow.

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